Zombie Finished – November 2012

17 Nov

Finally finished my Zombie, fully textured and rendered.


WIP Character – November 2012

17 Nov

I am currently working on a character in my spare time, i have finished the main body.


Also I have added clothing to the character.

University Project Zombie Model – October 2012

20 Oct

My Model blocked out




WIP model of a human body – September 2012

6 Oct

WIP model of a human body

Full body Stylised Character – September 2012

6 Oct

Full body im going to add the mouth later

Stylised Character Digital Tutors – September 2012

13 Sep

My latest creation following a guide from Digital Tutors. Soon with the experience ive gained from Digital Tutors I will be able to start my modelling of The Incredible Hulk

New Twitter Account

10 Sep

I have created a new twitter account for iKadri Animations please follow us @iKadriAnimation